Scotsman unveiled LEGACY


At Host Milan we unveiled Legacy, the first limited-edition that mixes craftmanship with innovation for the high-end market.

Launching after more than two years of intense studies, research and development, Legacy from Scotsman Ice is a limited-edition piece that will have just 250 items available for sale. It represents a new milestone for the ice machine manufacturer. Legacy has been created with the involvement of industrial designers, tasked with crafting a product using new materials and technologies along with a new modern design look, which is set to drive Scotsman’s new product development in the future. Featuring high-tech materials, including black stainless steel with titanium alloy finish and tempered glass, Legacy has a stylish look and innovative design with a vintage feel.

The team brought in a designer to work on the development of the project. A manufacturer comes at things from a technological point of view and doesn’t consider the aesthetics in the same way. The resulting product represents an excellent balance between aesthetics and technology. We didn't compromise on the quality of the product with a new design and the strong vintage feel goes back to the origins of Scotsman.The team took inspiration from luxury home appliances and used the exercise to explore new materials. After a lengthy period of investigation, black stainless steel was chosen for the strong and durable construction and structure of Legacy. Part of this process, was also to identify materials that could be used in a sustainable way for the future. From the manufacturing side we have to work on sensible materials for the future, looking into better materials for the environment with recycling and pollution free materials in mind.

The limited-edition machines also come with a unique 3D air grid with 70% increased air front ventilation – suitable for built-in installation – and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they will withstand harsh conditions and heavy usage. Each of the Legacy machines are delivered with a cocktail recipe book as well as a numbered certificate of ownership, signed by the person who worked on each piece, reinforcing the sense of a well-crafted product aimed at a high-end market. We wanted to have a unique branded product in only one model that represents the Scotsman brand as the benchmark of the industry.

Scotsman Ice has long been the go-to choice for beverage professionals, baristas, mixologists and bartenders. The company is a major supporter of activities and educational efforts from the International Bartender Association and is a global sponsor for World Coffee Events of the Specialty Coffee Association. With Legacy, Scotsman is targeting high-end markets – specialty coffee enthusiasts as well as mixologists and bartenders who operate in environments where design is important. Legacy is intended for the major markets where we see growth. We see the potential of the coffee market and mixologists. Machines are usually installed in rooftop bars, for example, and this is part of the reason why we worked hard on the design part of the product.

The high standards required by these target markets are reflected in the technological specification of Legacy. The machine includes an improved evaporator, working specifically in different water conditions, and to make the legendary Gourmet ice cube – perfect for mixologists and coffee enthusiasts. We invested in a new water testing system to recreate any water system because they are different everywhere in the world.

Having the right water system is crucial when making ice cubes for cocktails. If you use water that is not very good it can be a little bit foggy or white. People spend good money on cocktails and if they see ice that looks a little foggy. With this launch of Legacy and its “Make Ice Cool" messaging, Scotsman wants to remain the industry benchmark – supporting a lifestyle of restoration, travel, events and design. Make Ice Cool is a strong concept aimed to have ice as a protagonist of a beverage experience, we put our expertise to the advantage of those using ice for an ‘artful’ experience.

 Legacy marks the first time Scotsman Ice has launched a product almost entirely through digital platforms. It means a vast amount of behind-the-scenes preparation is going on before launch, which will kick off at HostMilano in October. Legacy fits into a range of products from a company loved by operators globally. The quality of the product is taken for granted; once you get to a certain level of brand the quality is a given,  the extraordinarily high levels of service and maintenance are what really sets Scotsman apart in the eye of the clients.

Discover more on Legacy: https://scotsman-ice.it/legacy/