About us

Scotsman Ice Systems SRL is the world leader in the production and sale of commercial and domestic ice makers, alongside with ice storage and transport systems.
Founded in 1950, the Company has over half a century of experience in design and production of ice makers, now synonymous with innovation and reliability.

The Scotsman catalogue is the most complete on the market, with machines of all sizes, that can produce from 10 pounds of ice up to a maximum of 5 tons in 24 hours. With more than one million Scotsman units installed around the world, and a distribution presence in over 100 countries in the America’s, in Asia Pacific and in Europe / Middle East / Africa, the Company is strong of five factories, one in the United States, two in Italy and one in China. Fully owned distribution companies are located in Singapore, Dubai (with bonded warehouse), Madrid-Spain, and in Johannesburg-S.Africa.

This is the result of years of activity lead by the belief that the commercial activity needs to be backed by Technical support, as Customer-service is what eventually makes the difference in the market. Scotsman Ice Systems is a “Truly Global” member of the Ali Group.

The leading global “one-stop-shop” for all your ice needs

  • Single-dispensed, thimble shaped, commercial and domestic Gourmet cube ice makers
  • Square, waffle-style, global standard, best value, commercial Dice cube ice makers
  • Granular, 92% ice/water ratio hardness, soda drinks “best in class”, commercial Nugget & Cubelet ice makers & dispensers
  • Granular, 85% ice/water ratio hardness, large food displays “best in class”, commercial Superflake ice makers
  • Granular, 75% ice/water ratio hardness, fishmongers “best in class”, commercial Flake ice makers
  • Sub-cooled, 98% ice/water ratio hardness, heavy duty 1 or 2 mm thickness, commercial Scale ice makers with Horizontal Evaporator configuration
  • Sub-cooled, 98% ice/water ratio hardness, heavy duty 2 to 4 mm thickness, commercial Scale ice makers with Vertical Evaporator configuration
  • Slope front, Upright, “Storage & Transport”, commercial Ice Storage, Ice Distribution, Ice Transport & Ice Bagging systems
  • Commercial Pressure Water Coolers
  • Domestic reach through our BRILLIANCE® Nugget ice machine, bringing the Original Chewable Iceâ„¢ home