Make your current Scotsman ice maker XSafe

XSafe will be fitted as standard on the majority of new ice makers but XSafe kits are available to turn your
existing Scotsman Ice maker into one with XSafe. Making your ice machine as food safe as it can possibly be…


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It is a natural sanitation system integrated inside the machine that ensures absolute cleaning and hygiene.

XSafe is an ice machine sanitation system which defends against viruses, bacteria, mould, and yeast using
chemical-free ultraviolet light technology. XSafe uses high power UV light to create a reactive mixture of
oxygen, ozone and photo-plasma which is continually circulated in the air thought the ice machine. The
treated air passes over exposed components inhibiting the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeast, and other
common microorganisms leaving you with a hygienically clean ice maker.


The benefits of retrofitting XSafe to your ice maker include improved overall sanitation, increased machine
performance, and a better bottom line. Treating the air within the machine for viruses, bacteria and
microorganisms results in an ice machine that stays cleaner for longer. As a result, it requires less labour and
downtime to complete scheduled cleanings. Leaving you with an ice machine which performs better, creating
purer, clearer, odour free ice more efficiently and with less strain on machine components.

The small investment of retrofitting an XSafe system could improve your bottom line though fewer
professional cleanings and less downtime to complete them.


XSafes reduces cleaning and maintenance costs by over 50% yearly. Reason for it? It’s simple: this powerful sanitation system reduces the number of annual cleanings required by your machine.



reducing slime mold and yeast


Destroying viruses and bacteria


Increasing ice machine lifetime

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Which ice machines can be retrofitted with XSafe?
The new XSafe kit can be retrofitted to any Scotsman ice maker, both self-contained and modular units. The kit contains everything required to install the system, with suitable pipe work to channel the reactive oxygenmixture into both the ice production and storage areas providing complete machine sanitation.

Do I need to clean my ice machine before installing XSafe?
Yes. For XSafe to be as effective as possible you must first start with a clean, scale free ice machine. As part of the XSafe installation, your qualified Scotsman technician will ensure that your ice machine has been fully deep cleaned to remove any existing scale, slime, mildew, or yeast. Creating a clean starting point to allow XSafe to function correctly and safely from then on.

Who can install XSafe?
The XSafe system needs to be installed by an approved, qualified technician. This is to ensure that the ice machine complies with the necessary standards of cleanliness prior to installation ensuring effective operation of the XSafe system. New or old, Scotsman will keep you XSafe!